A cafe restaurant to enjoy the four seasons,
the scenery, and all the fresh ingredients of Kyoto
Kyoto Modern Terrace is housed in a renovated building representing Japan’s modernism architecture. Come and relax in the retro interior, or pass the time with good food & drink on the vast outdoor terrace.
We specialize in wood grilled vegetables, meats, and fresh seafood. The menu is a mix of Western and Japanese, offering pizzas, pastas, original cocktails, and our popular dessert tray. Everything is handmade and the menu changes to reflect the four Kyoto seasons.

A vast, sunlit hall welcomes you
as you approach the upper floor.
Whether you come in the early morning, for lunch or for dinner, you can lie back in the bright, high-ceilinged interior, take in the slow-paced Kyoto atmosphere, and enjoy good food and drink.

Book in one hand,
drink in the other.
Come in for just a coffee or glass of wine and sit at our bar counter area.

Experience the four seasons
on the vast outdoor terrace.
At our 60 seat terrace look upon the neighboring Heian Jingu Shrine, or take in the sight of Higashiyama Mountain in the distance. Your pets are more than welcome to come along.